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Shandori Hotel features a vast oriental style garden as the entrance and large high-ceiling French windows in which the lighting philosophy of Ando Style is introduced to incorporate with natural textures. The thick woods are used to outline the space through the light, materials and brightness without extra decorations while interior is breaking through and integrated with exterior to create a natural, pure and peaceful living environment. The Shandori Hotel that highlights the idea of “people, building and environment” was thus born.


Hotel is the “second home” in a strange city for travelers.

  • Shandori Chinese Cypress Room

    406.8 square feet with one double bed.
    The unique and precious scent of Chinese Cypress provides a refreshing experience. The bathroom is equipped with a French window for you to enjoy a relaxing bath.

  • Relaxing Double Room

    367.2 square feet with one double bed.
    The elegant atmosphere boosts the relaxing and peaceful spirit of your trip.

  • Farmland Double Room

    320.4 square feet space with two single beds.The warm sunlight shines through the window with a farm view. You can enjoy a green view with seedlings in spring, a golden view with rice spikes in summer, and a paddy-filled view in autumn and winter.

  • Sunrise Quad Room

    342 square feet with two double beds.
    The panoramic view of the distant Turtle Island is at your sight from the comfortable room and balcony. The sun sprinkles around the room. You will feel delightful in the room with the amazing view and sunshine.

  • 山多利ホール

    《Shandori Hall 》

    Standing on the peak of Lanyang Plain and overlook
    Gueishan Island in the Pacific Ocean
    while tasting the most authentic seasonal
    Lanyang local delicacies.

  • 四季園ホール

    《Four Seasons Hall 》

    Seasons encompass a natural routine which cultivates all creatures.
    Eating the food of the season is natural and healthy.
    The food ingredients are specially selected from the current season
    to offer you creative local cuisine.