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Room Types Number of Occupiers Type of Bed Rate Holiday Rate 
(Saturdays & long holidays)
Non-holiday Rate
(Sundays to Fridays)
Delightful Double Room 2 Single bed 200X180 cm NT$8,800 NT$6,160 NT$4,400
Farmland Double Room 2 Twin bed 200X120 cm *2 NT$8,800 NT$6,160 NT$4,400
Relaxing Double Room 2 Single bed 200X180 cm NT$10,000 NT$7,000 NT$5,000
Sunrise Quad Room 4 Twin double bed 200X150 cm *2 NT$12,800 NT$8,960 NT$6,400
Shandori Chinese Cypress Room 2 Single bed 200X180 cm NT$15,600 NT$12,900 NT$8,900
  • The rates above include tax; service fees; oriental and western styles breakfast, dinner, afternoon tea and night snacks based on the number of occupiers set for each room.
  • Only the numbers of occupiers set for your room type are allowed to check in. Extra bed(s) are not available in any cases.
  • Tariff for children: children under age 6 are free of charge; age 7 (inclusive) to 12 are charged NT$600 for each child per night (breakfast, room supplies and hotel facilities are included). One additional child for one room only.
  • Check-in time: 15:00; check-out time: next day at 11:00.
  • Should you require shuttle bus service, please book via phone three days prior to the check-in date.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to change rates. The tariff announced on site shall be final. Please double check with us when booking your room(s).