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Hotel is the “second home” in a strange city for travelers.

  • Leisure Facilities

    Leisure Facilities

    Our hotel is equipped with world-class sports facilities for you to stretch your body during the holiday.
    It’s good for health and for you to keep fit.

  • Reading Zone

    Reading Zone

    Pick up a book and scrutinize it.
    The smell of books is as good as wood’s.

  • Feet Spa Pool

    Feet Spa Pool

    Embraced by the countryside in Jiaosi under the daylight; watch the beautiful starring night and listen to the insects and birds

  • Carp Fish Pond

    Carp Fish Pond

    Plenty of white pine, black pine, Bald Cypress, Asian bayberry, cherry blossoms, common jasmine orange, Jaboticaba and all kinds of camellia are grown here

  • Panoramic Terrace

    Panoramic Terrace

    You can overlook the changeable scenery of Lanyang Plain and far look the amazing views of Gueishan Island from here during the daytime.
    At night, there are shinning stars when you look up and splendid city lights when you look down.